Burano – the most picturesque part of the Venetian Lagoon

burano4Burano is a place that will put the smile on the face of the grumpiest person. Only forty minutes  away  of vaporetto drive from the “real” Venice, Burano is a small  paradise in which you can take a break  from  Venetian crowd – a quiet island that is famous for its cheerful facades.
Local legend says that the fishermen used to paint their houses in bright and light colors so they could be seen from afar when they were coming back from  fishing. It  is not easy to paint the house on Burano today – following local regulation, homeowners must write to the authorities, and in response they get a list of allowed colors for their houses.
burano7Locals are very concerned about the appearance of the town: every house is decorated with colorful flowers and sweet details.
burano003The island has been inhabited since the 6th century, when inhabitants of Altinum, city from nowdays Treviso surrounding, found their refuge there. Fishing was the islanders main industry until the 16th century when the local women began to embroider lace.

burano002Lace quickly became one of the main Venetian export products. Since Burano was not privileged as the island of Murano was, the population dispersed, and lacemaking almost disappeared.
burano5The relaying of embroidery knowledge was asurred  by opening the lace school in 1872. Today Burano  is best known for its lace products (if you want to buy authentic souvenir – be ready to meet sizeable numbers).
burano2After spending several days in Venice among the crowds of tourists, a few hours on Burano will nourish your soul.
burano001Our recommendation is to buy a gelato immediately upon leaving the vaporetto  at a nearby patisserie, and sit in the park on a bench in the shade.
burano9Just a  few minutes later you will absorb all the serenity of this place. No noise, no crowds of tourists thronging on the bridges to cross the channels –that’s the moment when you will understand why many artists love this picturesque island.

burano10You can walk the whole place in less than an hour, and  rest in one of the ‘trattoria Buranelli’ with  fresh fish caught by local fishermen on their menu.
burano3Venice and its Lagoon is on UNESCO World Heritage List from 1987.

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