Horsey Beach – back to Mother Nature

Winter season on the beach is something completely different then lazy, summer beach vacation. Instead of cocktails, sun umbrellas and hot sand you can expect strong wind, big waves and coldness. But there’s also something special about beaches in wintertime. Some of them can deliver experiences of a lifetime. We present to you one special […]

A trip by a steam locomotive

Have you ever taken a trip by a steam locomotive? We could not resist that idea, so we decided to make a small trip from Graested to Helsingor on North Zealand one Sunday last summer. We traveled by a vintage steam train for about one hour through the breathtaking Danish countryside. The first steam locomotive […]

Flat Stanley Project: Flat Eva in Zagreb, Croatia

Text and photo: Marija Lakić and Suzy Filipović At the beginning of spring we received letter form the teacher of our niece Eva, in which she asked us to send them a picture or postcard of a city in which we live, to contribute to Flat Stanley Project which they have in their school. Flat […]

Port d’Envalira – Pyrenees, Andorra

Port d’Envalira is a mountain pass located in the Pyrenees in Andorra at an elevation of 2408 m. It is the highest asphalted road in the Pyrenees that connects El Pas de la Casa with the rest of the country and the highest European road open all year round. The climb has been featured several […]

Cork and cork oak

Did you know that the cork, in fact, is a bark? Indeed, bark of cork oak (latin name: Quercus suber), whose wild species can be found in the Mediterranean area as well. Getting the cork is very interesting process – bark of a cork oak must be carefully peeled, from ground level to the first […]