Carcassonne – Back to the Middle Ages

Visiting Carcassonne is like a time machine journey into the past – a place that will awake the child in you immediately. It’s hard to find a person who won’t, in that very moment, get the urge to buy a wooden sword in one of the many souvenir shops, slip on the heavy iron armor […]

Pont du Gard – The impressive Roman aqueduct

Roman aqueduct Pont du Gard is one of the places of the World Heritage Sites list (UNESCO) that you must visit. After visiting this place in 1884, writer Henry James wrote: “Unspeakably imposing, and nothing could well be more Roman.” Indeed, Pont du Gard is the most beautiful and highest (with  Segovia in Spain) monument […]

Cork and cork oak

Did you know that the cork, in fact, is a bark? Indeed, bark of cork oak (latin name: Quercus suber), whose wild species can be found in the Mediterranean area as well. Getting the cork is very interesting process – bark of a cork oak must be carefully peeled, from ground level to the first […]

Castel del Monte – Castle on the hill

Do you remember the novel „Name of the rose“ and the plot in Aedificum labyrinths? The idea for his Aedificum Umberto Eco found in the Castel del Monte layout, in the Italian province of Puglia. Instead of magnificent monastery library and the librarian, dark secrets , the fight between good and evil, in the Castle […]