Flat Stanley Project: Flat Eva in Zagreb, Croatia


Text and photo: Marija Lakić and Suzy Filipović

At the beginning of spring we received letter form the teacher of our niece Eva, in which she asked us to send them a picture or postcard of a city in which we live, to contribute to Flat Stanley Project which they have in their school.
flat_eva4Flat Stanley Project is educational project started in 1995 by Dale Hubert, a third grade schoolteacher in London, Ontario, Canada. It started as an idea to initiate letter-writing to each other as way of travel map which follows Flat Stanley. Flat Stanley Project is based on children’s book Flat Stanley written in 1964  by Jeff Brown.

So, our niece in a flattened form came to us and we went for a walk in Zagreb.

Zagreb is a beautiful city interwoven with history and culture, has may beautiful parks, squares, lakes and buildings.

Beginning of our journey through our city begins through Park/Zoo Maksimir, where we enjoyed long walks, coffee and company of fellow citizens from several centuries (there is always someone that will happily introduce you to the time and story in which they will be dressed accordingly to the century that they represent).

All the squares in Zagreb have their own story but wishing to show you our city in just few pictures, here are several most beautiful.
flat_eva106King Tomislav Square, located near the Zagreb train station (Glavni Kolodvor)  which was a stop on the Orient Express rout. This square is  full of flowers and majestic old and classic buildings, museums and embassies, rising proudly south of the city’s historic core on which is Ban Jelačić Square.
flat_eva101Ban Jelačić  square is surrounded with beautiful architecture and through it we can get to the old city market called Dolac on which every day for many decades ladies called “kumice” are coming from near villages selling their organic fruits, vegetables and products.

Just some 100 meters from Dolac is situated beautiful gothic cathedral which overlooks to whole city of Zagreb.
flat_eva102If we want to discover more of the old town, we can go through Opatovina, little street full of small sales places in which you can purchase souvenirs and  make memories of old Zagreb, then through Tkalčićeva street to Radićeva, streets on which people spend time, drinking coffee and enjoying company of friends. Then following the stairs you can go to Kamenita vrata, very respected shrine of Our Lady, patron of the city.
flat_eva105After just a look or a little prayer we are coming to the Markov square, beautiful square on which are situated Parliament and Government of Croatia. In the centar of the square there is Romanesque church of St. Marko, with richly tiled  roof which is presenting crests of city and province.
flat_eva5Returning through south street we are coming to the Tower of Lotršćak, described in many literary works and  a home of a Grič cannon which with a bang marks noon.
flat_eva6With an easy stroll through Strossmayer promenade we are coming to the end of our little journey looking at a beautiful contours of the city.

Seeing in the distance Croatian national theatre, Cathedral, Music Academy and many churches and other buildings which are making this beautiful outline of the city.
flat_eva7So, this was the way that we chose to introduce Flattened Eva to the  our city and our  city to all classmates of Eva.

Hope you enjoy it, too.