Horsey Beach – back to Mother Nature


Winter season on the beach is something completely different then lazy, summer beach vacation. Instead of cocktails, sun umbrellas and hot sand you can expect strong wind, big waves and coldness. But there’s also something special about beaches in wintertime. Some of them can deliver experiences of a lifetime. We present to you one special beach on North Sea in United Kingdom.

Horsey Beach is not just one of many unspoilt sandy Norfolk beaches for beautiful weekend walks.  Horsey Beach is quit unique place, in particularly from November to February when grey seals arrive to give birth to their pups.
seals_2Only a few minutes’ walk from the parking lot you have opportunity something truly magical to witness – huge colony of grey seals with newborn pups. If you have you lucky day, you can observe mother seal giving a birth to snow white pup.
seals_3The grey seals (Halichoerus grypus) are actually a large seals, very popular in amusement parks used in performances such as balancing and display acts.
seals_9But, of course, it’s much better to see these huge mammals in their natural environment like Horsey Beach.  Average size for male seal is above 200 cm long and 230 kg weight, female is little bit smaller: cca 180 cm long and 150 kg weight.
seals_13Soft white fur pups weight about 14 kg at birth; remaining on the beach where they suck from their mother for three weeks. Pups grow very quickly, gaining about 2 kg in weight on daily basis. After a while pups swap white silky fur for waterproof, denser adult fur.
seals_8In season 2016/2017 a seal colony has recorded its best-ever breeding season: about 1400 pups were weaned at Horsey Beach over the last few months. It’s fantastic result for Mother Nature but with more pups being born came more problems.
seals_5The colony is increasing by 200 every year and animals are spreading further making them impossible for The Friends of Horsey Seals group to monitoring. This year’s patrol squad comprised 150 volunteers who prevent humans disturbing seals during the pupping season.
seals_6Perhaps you can’t go onto the beach but you have beautiful platforms and paths on dunes which you can follow enjoying in extraordinary view.
seals_10You can’t imagine how this walk fulfils you with zen mood, so inspiring, so back to mother nature moments.
seals_4Dogs are very welcome on Horsey Beach and, of course, keep them on lead and away from seals.
seals_12The difference between seals and sea lions

Sea lions congregate in large groups, seals spend more time in the water coming ashore only to meet and mate. Sea lions have visible ear flaps, seals have lack visible ear flaps.
On the land, seals wriggle on their bellies. Sea lions are much better on land, they walk using their large flippers. Seals are quiter, sea lions bark loudly.

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