Island of San Giorgio Maggiore

san_giorgio_maggiore1If you are on a day trip to Venice and do not have time to visit the islands in the Venetian Lagoon, try to take an hour and visit the island of San Giorgio Maggiore in front of  St Mark’s Square. Trust us, you will not regret it. Vaporetto ride from the station near St Mark’s Square takes only three minutes, and the view of Venice is breathtaking.
san_giorgio_veneziaThe largest part of the island belongs to a Benedictine monastery with beautiful basilica of San Giorgio Maggiore.  In 982 the Doge Tribuno Memmo (after  whose family the island was named until it was renamed into the current name)  gave the island to a Benedictine monk to build the monastery by  the existing wooden church. Over the centuries, the island gained  its current contours with impressive  white facade of the basilica above  it (there are the most famous Italian masters paintings here, such as Tintoretto) and the bell tower  built  in 1791. It is even possible to spend the night in the monastery, by prior notification, and the price is not fixed  – pay as much as you think is enough.
san_giorgio_maggiore3During the reign of Napoleon, the island was turned into a military complex,  the harbor with quays  and warehouses was built and it served as  porto franco (free port) and existed during the Austrian Empire and the Kingdom of Italy as well.  Italian government donated devastated island with all the facilities to Cini Foundation who cares about  memorial complex reconstruction on the island, and promotes the creation and development of educational, social, cultural and art institutions in its environment.
san_giorgio_maggioere2Only three years later Foundation built now famous outdoor Teatro Verde amphitheater  with opera and theater performances, and the island is often host to many meetings at the highest statesman’s level.
san_giorgio_maggiore001san_giorgio_maggiore002As part of this year’s Venice Biennale of Architecture Japanese artist Hiroshi Sugimoto made a temporary pavilion called Glass Tea House Mondrian where  you can walk absorbing tranquility, harmony and pensiveness of the Japanese tradition of tea drinking (Dogs are not allowed here, but kind curators will offer  you to take care about your dog).
san_giorgiomagiore4At present, the  vision of San Giorgio Maggiore complements  a  gold installation, also part of the Venice Biennale of Architecture, called The Sky Over Nine Column, by Heinz Mack. Golden mosaic contains over 800 000 gold bricks on nine pillars seven meters high.
san_giorgio_magiore5After the crowds and lots of tourists in Venice, we were regenerated by  silence and stillness on San Giorgio Maggiore. With the harbor as part of the nautical school, there is also one restaurant on the island with a beautiful terrace with even more beautiful view on Venice.
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